Teeth Whitening

iSmile™Teeth Whitening Clinic is a division of Dr Mac Chiropractic and situated within Dr Mac Premises at 40 Triton Drive, Albany.  iSmile is proud to offer it’s clients state-of-the-art technology the all new BEYOND® Polus® Advanced Teeth Whitening System developed and manufactured 2017 in the USA. Independently Voted by the American Dental Advisor to be the World’s Best teeth whitening system 7-years in a row, this cutting-edge system renders all other systems on the market as obsolete!   Our genuinely warm and caring staff will ensure your treatment is carried out safely and professionally. Our aim is to offer a fun, yet professionalism, where people will look forward to visiting our clinic for their teeth whitening treatment.

Our modern purpose built clinic offers comfortable furnishings, relaxed décor, great music and a genuinely welcoming atmosphere. iSmile™ is conveniently placed to service the entire North Shore and Albany City area with several bus routes that will drop you virtually off at the front of the clinic. Our clinic is extremely well sign posted from the main road and pedestrian area.  All of our teeth whitening practitioner are all highly trained and members of the New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association.


40 Triton Drive
Albany, Auckland
Phone 09 476 1955
Email: info@ismile.co.nz

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