Naturopathy – Health & Wellness

Situated within the Dr Mac Chiropractic premises is Health & Wellness Auckland.  Health & Wellness have fully trained and experienced Naturopaths and PAT practitioners offering a natural and holistic approach to allergy symptoms, such as hay fever, sinusitis, eczema, asthma, congestion, bloating etc.  Using PAT ( Positive Association Technique) their practitioners muscle test to identify what substances the body maybe reacting to. Then along with acupressure on specific points on the back and exposure to the substance via glass vials, the body can be ‘retrained’ or positively conditioned to no longer react to the substance negatively.

Health & Wellness Auckland would like to offer all Dr Mac clients 25% off their initial allergy consultation.  To book or for further information contact them on 09 470 5997 or email or click on their website Health & Wellness Auckland