Office Ergonomics Course

Inadequate work station set-up and poor ergonomics is a major contributor to inefficiency and musculoskeletal injuries in the office, or MSDs. These mainly affect the nerves, tendons and muscles and can make it very painful for an employee to use his hands, arms and wrists. Repetitive activities can lead to an MSD. Poor posture and back pain is another problem that can result from sitting in the same position for long periods. In the past, many companies simply reacted to the occupational health problems of their employees after the fact. Today, many have realised that this putting out fires approach no longer works. More organisations are now taking a proactive approach to health and wellbeing care in the workplace, implementing a variety of onsite training programmes.

Ergonomics is the study of how we interact with our working environment and how these interactions can be improved so that productivity and our wellbeing is maximised. Inadequate work station set-up is a major contributor to inefficiency and musculoskeletal injuries in the office. This is usually because basic ergonomic principles have not been followed. The solutions are usually relatively simple and only require a few minor and inexpensive modifications.

This course is suitable for all staff who spend time in front of a computer.

An awareness of Health and Safety issues would be an advantage but is not essential.

– Basic functions of the spine, muscles and disks
– Identify good and bad ergonomic practices
– Review of 9 Different ergonomic Case Studies
– Correct adjustments to work station set-up including:
– Chair, Monitor, Desk, Keyboard, Mouse, Phone, Laptop
– Posture Movement and Stretching
– Know how musculo-skeletal injuries can occur and how to prevent them
– 20 minute Ergonomic DVD
– Assessment of the course attendee’s workstations – if the site and time permits.

The course should take somewhere between 1½ to 2 hours and will be interactive for participants.

The risk of injuries can be significantly reduced, if adequate training is provided to personnel so they understand and follow the principles of safe and good ergonomic practices.

Dr Marcus McAllister (B. Chiropractic) is trained in the knowledge of the musculoskeletal system (meaning the muscles, bones and joints) and nervous system (which coordinates all activities and functions) of the human body.
Dr McAllister studied for 6 years at University and is especially educated and trained in all dealings regarding the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the nerves, spine and all joints of the human body.  Dr Marcus McAllister is licensed by the Office of Radiation to take x-rays to help locate underlying conditions to treat you with the best knowledge.  Dr McAllister is an ACC Accredited Primary Healthcare Professional and has undergone ACC training in Preventing and Managing Discomfort, Pain and Injury.

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