How Chiropractic helped Tanzee Gorvett our beloved little Dog

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A while ago, Tanzee started walking badly and was unable to put her left, hind leg down, which lead to virtual immobility.

She was unable to get up and down the deck stairs into the garden, and she had to be lifted and carried. We tried walking, we tried to rub her, but Tanzee was in constant pain, her ears and tail were always down and she didn’t want to move. Friends who hadn’t seen her for a while said she had aged within weeks and was looking terrible.

After seeing the vet who confirmed a protruding disc, cortisone was prescribed and after 5 days, she was still not well. A day or two after coming off the cortisone, she was still not good. I took her back to the Vet who felt another course of Cortisone was not a good thing to do and it was then that I thought I should take her to Marcus. (Logic tells me that Marcus had sorted my back out, so why not a dog too?!)

The consultation with Marcus lasted 15 minutes and within a couple of minutes, Marcus had located a neck and lower back problem along with other areas that needed adjusting and let rip with his “pop-gun”. (Tanzee, I have to add, was less than impressed and tried on several occasions to chew Marcus’ arm off, but fortunately Marcus came through unscathed!)
Following the consultation, Tanzee was reluctant to use the stairs, but was more stable while standing (she was at least sort of using all four legs now). Marcus felt that the reluctance may have been habitual and it would settle down. Within a week the difference was huge and nobody could actually believe I had taken Tanzee to a Chiropractor!

Today, it is as if there was nothing wrong with Tanzee. She is her normal, delightful self, and is able to jump on and off the bed with no problem at all.

The picture is of Tanzee (and Les) when she was feeling so bad


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