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Located at 40 Triton Drive, Albany, North Shore, Auckland.

Phone (09) 414 5577

Dr Mac Chiropractic is located at 40 Triton Drive in Albany on Auckland’s North Shore. The practice is proudly owned and operated by Dr Marcus McAllister (Chiropractor) and his wife Kelly McAllister.

Our premises are conveniently placed to service the entire North Shore and Albany City area. It is within a four minute drive from either the Greville Road or Constellation Drive off ramps on the North Shore, Northern Motorway. Our modern purpose built clinic has its own onsite x-ray machine facility and Dr Marcus McAllister is licensed by the Office of Radiation to take x-rays to help locate underlying conditions to treat you with the best knowledge.

Dr Marcus McAllister is an ACC Registered Provider. If your visit is related to an accident or injury then you may qualify for ACC to help cover some of your costs. You can go direct to a Chiropractor and do not need a referral from a GP.

Please feel free to review the contents of our website to help you learn more about Chiropractic care, or check out our Latest News health updates.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to seeing you at Dr Mac Chiropractic Soon!